Matthew "Mattman" Harris or Maffew as he's often called has been a fixture on the radio in the Carolinas since 1999. But before that, there was Poe Mill, Marrrrrrrry, Diddy, the 1 win football career at Wade Hampton, some time in Clemson, being a porno mag delivery guy, & a year or 2 at Greenville Tech, before ultimately deciding radio was his career path.

In 1999, Mattman began doing "The Wrestling Matt Show" late nights on 93.3 The Planet. It was a blend of rock-n-roll, ridiculous phone calls from drunk people, & a good share of pro wrestling talk & interviews.  This same year Maffew, as his daddy called him, met James "Nine" McDonald at a wrestling show in Greer, SC. The two became friends & 4 years later in 2003, The Rise Guys hit the radio on January 15th.

Pay attention to that date because 10 days later Matt's life changed forever. He became a Dad for the 1st & LAST time ever as he welcomed daughter Grace into his life. She's now in high school & driving when some early P1's will remember hearing her cry in the background some mornings when she would pop in to visit. He's a proud Daddy trying every day to do it better.

Some things have never changed about Maffew.  He's still a sugar checking Type 2 diabetic. He'll rarely be photographed without wearing his signature black Ray Bans. He'll always sport that big, bushy, beautiful beard. His love of Jesus, the South, professional wrestling, cold beer, & a real good conspiracy theory will never fade. 

Mattman is a Marconi Radio national award nominee, a Carolina Leader In Talk award winner, & the iTunes 1 Million Download podcast award winner for 5 years running.

The Greenville native currently resides in Travelers Rest, SC with Kaitlin where he runs 2 businesses, enjoys inventing, time traveling, & collecting the cool, strange, & odd.