The story behind GAHLAY! Beard Oil sounds like a Disney movie! Not really. Our founder Matthew "Mattman" Harris has had a beard since 2008. As you know, many people think having a beard is a lazy thing - we're too lethargic to shave! When in reality, there's a lot of care to having a really nice beard. So Matt used dozens & dozens of different beard oils before deciding to sit down with his girlfriend Kaitlin & developing GAHLAY! Beard Oil. Together, we decided that everything needed to be sourced in the USA & handcrafted in Greenville, SC.
We use the highest quality essential & 100% natural oils for GAHLAY! Beard Oil
  • The very best Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT)
  • -100% natural Golden Jojoba essential oil
  • -The most pure Hemp Seed oil available
  • -The highest quality Tea Tree essential oil
  • -100% natural Orange Bitter essential oil
  • -The absolute, best Peppermint Supreme essential oil
  • -And the cleanest, realest 100% legit Sandalwood essential oil available
The logo is our vision of our mini golden doodle "Bear" wearing Matt's sunglasses watching a lightning storm.
And of course, GAHLAY! is also what Matt yells, usually at the top of his lungs, when he gets really excited about something.
"Make 'em say it!" -GAHLAY! Beard Oils