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BUNDLES! GAHLAY! Peach Smoke Beard Oil – Unleash Swagger with Sweet Tobacco and Peach Kernel Essence | Free Shipping | Greenville SC

BUNDLES! GAHLAY! Peach Smoke Beard Oil – Unleash Swagger with Sweet Tobacco and Peach Kernel Essence | Free Shipping | Greenville SC

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BUNDLE 2-pack GAHLAY! Peach Smoke Beard Oil - Delivering the timeless aroma of an old-fashioned pipe paired with the sweet essence of peach tobacco. Infusing instant swagger into your day in a "respect me MFer" manner, Peach Smoke is a sensation, often sold out. Crafted from peach kernel through cold pressing with a tasteful tobacco blend, this fragrance, designed by GAHLAY! CEO Matthew "MATTMAN" Harris, strikes the perfect balance – not overly sweet. indulge your senses and yourself in the aromatic blend of Carolina pipe tobacco, experiencing literal beard alchemy, a true lightning-in-a-bottle moment. Destined to "Make 'Em Say It!", this oil features a sweet and savory undertone, just right without any tobacco or nicotine.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure Peach Kernel cold-pressed Essential Oil, the absolute best PURE Hemp Seed Essential Oil, cold-pressed/steamed Tartarian Black Cherry Tree Shavings, Natural Vanilla Supreme Essential Oil, high-grade and uncut Golden Jojoba Essential Oil, all-natural Raw Tea Tree Essential Oil, uncut and all-natural Sweet Almond Essential Oil, 100% natural Castor Seed Essential Oil, the absolute best Grape Seed Essential Oil, 100% Virgin Organic Argan Kernel Oil, and a 100% phthalate-free fragrance.

FREE SHIPPING & MORE: EVERY purchase comes w/ FREE shipping, FREE stickers, a FREE pack of Topps Sports Cards & FREE extras! Handcrafted in the Greenville, SC with the highest quality essential & 100% natural oils by Matthew "Mattman" Harris.

INSTRUCTIONS: Depending on the size of your beard, we recommend starting with 2-3 sprays into the palm of your hand & into your fingers. Then work into damp beard from top to bottom. Repeat as needed or to add more volume depending on size of beard. DO NOT DIGEST! We highly recommend styling & grooming the finished product with GAHLAY! Beard Balms! While we always strive to use as many gentle and naturally derived ingredients as we can, different people can react differently to certain ingredients. If any skin irritation occurs, be sure to discontinue use and consult with a medical professional. Always refer to the product packaging for the most accurate ingredient listing, and consider doing a spot test on your wrist if you have any concerns.