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GAHLAY! Beard oil ⛰ FACE MOUNTAIN 1 oz bottle w/ FREE shipping
GAHLAY! Beard oil ⛰ FACE MOUNTAIN 1 oz bottle w/ FREE shipping

GAHLAY! Beard oil ⛰ FACE MOUNTAIN 1 oz bottle w/ FREE shipping

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GAHLAY! What is causing all this? Here’s your “fast pass” - Welcome to FACE MOUNTAIN our 1st relax & chill beard oil packed with many different benefits. Lavender is soothing, it's relaxing, it's calming. If you have had a rough, stressful day get this on your face once you get out of the shower. And whoever you share that bed with if gonna be instantly into YOU! Then when you get up the next morning, your beard & face are hydrated & you're ahead of the game! It smells like a nice shower came through the backyard, you will instantly want to stretch out & find somewhere to chill.  The new GAHLAY! Face Mountain scent emits overnight manliness that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

-1 oz. / 30ML green glass bottle of GAHLAY! "Face Mountain" Beard Oil

-Handcrafted in the Upstate of S.C. with the highest quality essential & 100% natural oils for GAHLAY! Beard Oil w/ spray applicator

-EVERY purchase comes w/ FREE shipping, FREE stickers, FREE #Topps cards & FREE extras!

  • Pure, uncut French Lavender Essential Oil
  • 100% natural & pure Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • High grade, uncut Sweet Almond oil
  • 100% natural Castor Seed essential oil
  • The absolute, best Grape Seed essential oil
  • 100% Virgin Organic Argan Kernel oil
  • 100% phthalate free fragrance
  • The absolute, best Rosemary Leaf Extract essential oil

-Depending on the size of your beard, we recommend starting with 1-2 sprays into the palm of your hand & into your fingers. Then work into damp beard from top to bottom. Repeat as needed or to add more volume depending on size of beard. We highly recommend styling & grooming the finished product with Gahlay! Beard Balms!